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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Dietary Guidelines for Heart Health

Dietary Guidelines

Achieve an overall healthy eating pattern

Achieve a Healthy Body Weight

Achieve a Desirable Cholesterol Level

Limit trans fatty acids

Achieve a Desirable Blood Pressure

Step I and Step II Diets

Nutrient Step I Step II
Total Fat 30% or less 30% or less
Saturated 7-10% less than 10%
Polyunsaturated Up to 10% Up to 10%
Monounsaturated Up to 15% Up to 15%
Carbohydrates 55% or more 55% or more
Protein 15% 15%
Cholesterol less than 300 mg per day less than 200 mg per day
Total Calories to achieve and maintain desired weight to achieve and maintain desired weight

Basic Food Groups
Lean meat, poultry and fish No more than 6 oz per day; fish 2 times per week
Vegetables and fruit 5 or more per day
Fat-free skim milk and low-fat dairy products 2-4 per day
Eggs Eggs have 213 mg of cholesterol per yolk; limit 300mg per day; egg whites not limited
Breads, cereals, pasta and starchy vegetables 6 or more per day

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