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Most men and women do not expect that they will have any trouble getting pregnant. Unfortunately, one in every ten couples will have difficulty becoming pregnant. For many, the cause of their fertility problem is easy to identify, and relatively inexpensive treatment methods result in a successful pregnancy.

The goal for everyone faced with infertility is to build a family using the least co (More)

Understanding Infertility

  • Infertility - What You Need to Know
  • When Should a Couple be Evaluated for Infertility
  • Becoming Pregnant
  • Causes of Infertility
  • Evaluation of Couples with Fertility Problems
  • Treatment of Infertility
  • Consider Metabolic Complications with PCOS
  • Erectile Pain
  • Fibroids (Leiomyomata)
  • Infertility
  • (More)

  • Commonly Asked Questions

  • Bacterial vaginosis and fertility
  • Duphaston and irregular bleeding
  • Duphaston in 5th week of pregnancy
  • Effects of smoking on fertility
  • Fertility and miscarriage
  • Is Amenorrhea an Indicator of Infertility?
  • Mesial temporal sclerosis and infertility
  • My wife has a bicornuate uterus
  • Periods, infertility
  • Please help
  • (More)

  • Additional Information

  • Symptoms and Tests
  • Complications
  • The Body
  • Research Studies
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