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Kids and Diabetes — WVIZ/PBS ideastream

Be Well: Kids & Diabetes, a WVIZ/PBS production, explores the dangers and issues behind the growing rate of type 2 diabetes among youth. 

If current trends continue, the incidence of children with type 2 diabetes has the potential to almost quadruple in the next 40 years. Some teens with type 2 diabetes are already experiencing severe complications affecting their hearts, kidneys and eyes. The statistics and facts are sobering and have experts sounding the alarm to develop better treatments and prevention efforts.

Be Well: Kids & Diabetes explores the dangers and issues behind the growing rate of type 2 diabetes among youth. The CEO of the renown Joslin Diabetes Center offers his perspective on this alarming trend and local doctors working on cutting-edge research share their views and insight.

Chapter 1: Understanding the problem and the disease

Learn how type 2 diabetes is rising among children and understand the biological underpinnings of diabetes with help from student actors and animation.

Diabetes Resources: Ideas & Tools You Can Use

Chapter 2: Consequences and the aggressive form of type 2 diabetes in children

Get an overview of the dangerous consequences of diabetes and learn how complications are starting earlier in children with type 2 diabetes.

Chapter 3: Overview from a national expert

ideastream’s Kay Colby sits down with John Brooks, the CEO of the Joslin Diabetes Center based in Boston – a world renown clinical care, research, and educational institution academically affiliated with Harvard University.

Chapter 4: Cellular programming & Conclusion

Take a trip to a local lab where scientists are piecing together the molecular pathways by which an obese pregnant woman may unknowingly program cells in a developing fetus to develop type 2 diabetes in childhood.

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