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Newborn and Infant Care

Congratulations on your new baby! As your child grows from a newborn to an infant, many changes will occur. Whether you are a first time parent or have been down this road before, you want to make sure your child is healthy and happy.

Your Child's Development

Milestones are developmental events that occur in a predictable order. Since each child is different, milestones occur at slightly different ages for each child, but always in the same order. Parents play a (More)

Understanding Newborn and Infant Care

  • All About Babies (American Academy of Pediatrics)
  • Baby Care (OSU Patient Education)
  • Breast Feeding
  • Developmental Milestones (Centers for Disease Control)
  • Feeding Your Baby - Video (March of Dimes)
  • Guide to Breastfeeding Your Baby (March of Dimes)
  • Infant and Newborn Care
  • Infant and Toddler Health
  • Infant Nutrition and Feeding (United States Department of Agriculture)
  • Newborn Care in the Delivery Room (March of Dimes)
  • (More)

  • Commonly Asked Questions

  • How Do Infants Learn? (American Academy of Pediatrics)
  • Is GERD Causing My Baby to Get Agitated While Sleeping?
  • Questions and Answers about Giving Your Baby the Best Nutrition (National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health)
  • Vaccines: Are They Safe for My Baby? (March of Dimes)
  • What Does Crying Mean? Baby Care 101 - Video (March of Dimes)
  • What is All That Crying About? (Centres of Excellence For Children's Well-Being)
  • Why Does My Baby's Diaper Smells Like Amonia?

  • Additional Information

  • Symptoms and Tests
  • Treatment
  • The Body
  • Research Studies
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