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Testicular Cancer Myths

As with all health conditions, there are myths, or misunderstandings, about testicular cancer that should be cleared up. Below is a list of some of the most often asked questions:

Q: Does low or high testosterone level increase my chances of cancer?

A: There are no studies showing a strong relationship between testosterone levels and chances of testicular cancer.  If surgery is needed to remove a testicle with cancer, testosterone levels may decrease.  Doctors monitor and replace as needed.

Q: Does sexual intercourse increase my chances of testicular cancer?

A: There is no relationship between sexual intercourse and risk of testicular cancer.  However, unprotected sexual intercourse may increase risk of HIV, which can increase risk of testicular cancer.

Q: Does injury to the testicles increase my risk of testicular cancer?

A: Injury does not increase the risk of testicular cancer.  However, it can lead to a medical exam, where a doctor might find a cancer that had not been found before. 

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