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Cranial-sacral therapy



what is cranial-sacral therapy?


Cranial sacral therapy focuses on the cerebrospinal fluid, which is produced and absorbed by the body on a regular rhythmical basis. Here`s how it works: inside your cranium, there is a membrane called the dura mater that adheres to the bone. Beneath the dura mater, before the next layer of membrane, is cerebrospinal fluid. Similarly, in the spine, there is the bone of the vertebra, a layer of membrane within the vertebra and then cerebrospinal fluid before the next layer of membrane. In both places, the cranium and the spine, there is a total of three layers of membrane between bone and the brain or spinal cord. Cranial sacral therapists believe that irregularities, or glitches, in the regular flow of the cerebrospinal fluid that lubricates these membranes can cause difficulties for parts of the body related to the area where the glitch is. The safety and efficacy of cranial sacral therapy have not been shown and its theoretical basis has been questioned. As such, it is not widely practiced. 

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