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Skin Care and Diseases

Rash under breast



i have a rash under both breast thats stinks really badly hurts and iches and hurts its even sweaty at times when i wash it with soap it stings then clears up and then comes back what do you think it is my old doctoer that a rash from breast feeding but my child is 4 now i`ve had it ever sence i`ve had her i`m 29yrs old tuesday i`m very big if you know what i mean


I can only speculate at the cause of your submammary intertrigo.  This may be due to maceration because of poor support and/or bacteria and/or yeast growing there.  Treatment of the bacteria and/or yeast are necessary to bring the problem under control, but YOU must take special precautions to clean under your breasts thoroughly, dry with a clean towel, then blow dry the area under your breasts where the dermatitis is located with a hair dryer.  This should then be followed by application of a topical antibiotic and/or topical anti-yeast preparation.  You should wear a good bra and use a man's T-shirt under your breasts or put a towel under your breasts at night so that any perspiration is wicked away.  Your primary care physician can easily order Mycolog II which has nystatin in it and Triamcinolone ointment which is an anti-inflammatory agent.  This in many cases is sufficient.  Be sure to use the cream.  You should be followed also by a board certified dermatologist to be certain that you clear and stay clear.

In younger individuals who develop this problem it is often associated with being overweight and possibly being diabetic.  You may have become diabetic during your pregnancy and may have some residua.  Your primary physician and/or dermatologist should take all of this into account.

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati