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Skin Care and Diseases

Long-lasting tick bump



I was bitten by a tick over 6 weeks ago. I removed it before it was on for very long, and it left behind a red bump so I assume I didn`t get the head out. It`s been a very long time now and the red bump is still there. It doesn`t itch anymore, though. Is this a sign of a transmitted illness? How can I make this bump go away?


You very likely have a scar that has formed, or a foreign body granuloma that has formed around the retained provosis of the tick.  Your family physician or your board certified dermatologist can evaluate it.  It probably will have to be locally excised if it is a problem to you.  Some physician might inject it with a steroid, but let's be certain to make an accurate diagnosis before initiating treatment.

Please see your board certified dermatologist for an accurate review.


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Response by:

Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati