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Teachers and child abuse



what if people are asking me about bruises that i get all the time, they think im being abused at home and i have all the charateristics for it. the truth is im not beinng abused, i dont know where the bruises are coming from and they keep asking me. How do i get them to stop aking and worrying about me?


Friends, teachers, neighbors, doctors, police should (and some are required to) report any suspected child abuse, even if it is not very likely.  This is very important in order to prevent any further preventable child abuse.  You may not be being abused, but to others it may appear that you are only telling people part of the story because you are to embarrassed or scared to let anyone else know.  You should discuss the bruising with your physician who will likely run some tests to find out if you have a problem that causes bruises to appear without any cause. 

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