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What Is a Normal Blood Sugar for an Infant?



specifically a 3 month old…. My son was recently admitted to the hospital after some sezuire activity and excessive vommiting. I was a gestational diabetic and I am concerned. The records from the hospital show glucose levels of 299(lab) and 322 accucheck. I was wondering since it had been so long since he had a bottle (apparently 8-9 hours)why his glucose was so high. Could it have been an effect of the anti-seizure meds they gave upon admission and if not, is this normal for a three month old formula fed infant?


The normal blood glucose range for a 3 month old infant is the same as that for a child or adult. A normal fasting blood glucose is <105 mg/dl, and a normal random blood glucose is <140 mg/dl.

Stress and illness can result in the production of hormones that cause elevated blood glucose levels. In addition illness can cause alterations in normal body functions that in turn can affect blood glucose levels. The glucose levels you are reporting are abnormal for a healthy infant. But they could be explainable in a child experiencing seizures and other physical stresses. As you suggested, medications can sometimes cause elevations in blood glucose levels as well.

It is important that you discuss your concerns with your child’s primary care provider, or the provider caring for your son during his admission. If the elevated blood glucose levels were not related to acute events or illness, then you need to know the plan for follow-up.

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