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Breast Cancer

Cysts in Breast



Do cysts show up in a mammogram? I have a pea-sized lump and I just had my first mammogram and I received a form letter back saying I am normal. I am not trying to be difficult, but my breast does not feel normal. Why do I feel this lump now? Should the test have let me know the lump in my right breast is a cyst?


A mammogram may not be able to see a lump or a cyst. If there is something that does not feel right in the breast, you need more tests. Women can start with their gynecologist or internist or family doctor. Sometimes a needle is put in the area to check for fluid, meaning it is a cyst. Sometimes an ultrasound or a surgical consult is ordered. All breast lumps that you find on exam should be checked and mammogram alone is not always enough.

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