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Breast Cancer

At increased risk for breast cancer?



I am 35 and had a baseline mammogram at my Ob`s request. He has his patients start at 35. There was clustered microcalification in my right breast. I had a diagnostic mammogram and a biopsy was recommended. Unfortuantely I was not able to have a core biopsy so I had a surgical excision. The pathology came back benign- one small papilloma, focal columnar cell hyperplasia without atypia, fibrocystic changes, rare calcifications seen within benign ducts and lobules and focally in stroma. My question is whether or not I am at increased risk due to the presence of hyperplasia. I have no family history. I have one child who was born when I was 34.

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No, these findings do not put you at increased risk. Only atypia with hyperplasia increases risk of breast cancer. Keep up with breast self exam monthly, screening mammograms and annual provider exam. You may want an early follow-up mammogram on the right breast to establish a new baseline (6 months after surgery).

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