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Will Heart Disease Disqualify Me from a Lung Transplant?



I have two stents. Will that stop me from getting a lung transplant?


When being evaluated for any transplant procedure, the candidate’s complete medical history must be considered. If a candidate for a lung or other solid organ has additional organ system disease, this could prevent that candidate from receiving a transplant.

Each case needs to be considered individually and in context with other factors that affect transplant outcomes (ie – age, diabetes, high blood pressure, social support, etc.). Also, some transplant centers are more aggressive than others and may offer a transplant to a candidate who has been declined at another center because of having other organ disease.

With respect to your direct question as to whether placement of coronary artery stents would preclude one from receiving a lung transplant, the answer would depend on some of the other aspects of your health history. Most lung transplant centers are very cautious about performing a lung transplant on someone with significant coronary disease and many programs may not consider for transplantation a patient with an extensive cardiac history.

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