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Eye and Vision Care

Eye papilloma



would you please explain eye papilloma and the effects it has on the eye . how do you get it? HOW can it be removed. Thank you very much


Eyelid papilloma is a general term used to describe any rounded type growth on the eyelid. Many of these growths are benign. However, it is essential that an eye doctor looks closely at the growth with specialized instruments to differentiate a benign growth from a cancerous one. Exposure to sunlight (UV) is thought to be a cause.

The mode of treatment is usually determined by the type (benign vs malignant), size/weight, and cosmetic appearance.  Papillomas are usually removed surgically in a brief in-office procedure. Surgical treatment can vary with size and location of the papilloma. For example, if the growth is large and located at the edge of the eyelid, a specialist in cosmetic surgery with expertise in lid reconstruction may be required to assure that the eyelid is fully functional after surgery.

When you visit eye doctor, it would be most helpful to take pictures of yourself over a period of time with you so the doctor may judge how rapidly the growth is increasing in size. This will aid in determining the timing of removal.

Thank you for your interesting question. 

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Paulette P Schmidt, OD, MS Paulette P Schmidt, OD, MS
Professor Emeritus of Optometry
College of Optometry
The Ohio State University