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Vertigo, pressure in head, sinusitus.

10/03/2008 12:51PM


About a month ago I went to my family doctor with vertigo symptoms, he checked my ears and said I had a collapsed inner ear, and infection, slight fever with sinusitis. He gave me Avelox, meclizine, and Nasacort. He told me to come back if these symptoms didn`t clear in 2 weeks. They did clear, but they have come back about a month later. Slight vertigo (not as bad as last time), and the sinuses are still stuffy, but now I have head pressure, and slight headaches (not severe) in my forehead and right temple area and above my right ear. Just wondering if this may be caused by the ear and sinuses again, or should I see a different doctor, or should I suggest he look at something different or suggest a different treatment, or something like a CAT/MRI scan? I also wonder if this has anything to do with my wisdom tooth that was pulled on the top right side which caused TMJ. Any suggestions or comments would be helpful since I can`t stop thinking about this day to day, worrying that it could be something worse like a brain tumor/cancer.


Your best bet is to consult an ENT physician.  Based upon a thorough exam, a determination can be made as to whether you have a recurrent sinus infection, or an inner ear problem.  It sounds like an inflammatory process and not a brain tumor, but an evaluation with proper testing should be able to sort that out.

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