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Additional black spot question



I recently had the prep work for 3 crowns done. Since one of the crowns was a front tooth, I asked the dentist about whitening my teeth before the permanent crown was done. I started using the trays right away but had to take a break because the material irritated my gums where the crown prep was done. The break I took was for about 6 days.

The first morning I went to take the trays out, one of the tooth molds had a black substance in the form. When I looked at my mouth, that tooth is one of the old silver fillings that still needs to be replaced; so I thought the silver and the whitening substance just did something goofy. It has been 2 days now, and directly behind that tooth, I am missing a tooth. There is now a black spot on the gum, and I cannot get it to go away. My dentist is on vacation, but I am going next week to have the 2 crowns seated and the color matched for the third. Of course, I am worried about the spot and don`t want to wait for my dentist to get back for an explanation. Any ideas?


It may be what we call an amalgam tattoo (from the silver filling).  This is not harmful, but it may be permanent.

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