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Does Psychological Factors Impact Recovery?



Is there credible research that shows significant positive differences in recovery/survivorship due to influences of positive vs negative personality traits? What psycho-social factors, if any, impact positive outcomes for the patient/survivor?

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Sorry for the delay; was finishing a proposal on the psychosocial aspects and health-related quality of life for prostate cancer survivors. As for the question, there is no empirical research that I’m aware of that speaks to personality traits and their impact on recovery/survivorship. Nonetheless, the literature is clear that maintaining positive attitudes and keeping a hopeful perspective can assist a cancer patient.

Research research has suggested that a strong spirituality foundation may be a factor in helping someone deal with a diagnosis and treatment for cancer. As for psychosocial factors, having a supportive partner/family, an active social support network, accessible and understanding information regarding treatment options as well as recovery process have been identified as beneficial to prostate cancer survivors.

The American Cancer Society has lots of information that can be read online or downloaded; it also assists in locating potential support groups in a person’s area. Hope this helps.

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