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Tooth Sensitivity Remains After Gum Graft



I had a gum graft procedure done around my bottom front teeth. Two weeks after procedure I was told they were healing properly. I had no problems until now (6 months later).

I am having increased sensitivity on those same teeth where I had the procedure done. The graft looks ok, there is no bleeding or redness around gum area, but my teeth are hurting especially when I simply drink or rinse with cold water.

Is this normal? I am so scared I will need surgery again. Thank you for your time.


Make sure that your brushing technique is not hurting the area. Use an ultra soft brush for 10 days or so. Also try a toothpaste with high fluoride content.

What about an exposed root surface? Sometimes the graft stays OK, but the gingival margin starts migrating again and you see more root surface.

If the problem continues despite changing your brushing technique, please go back to your periodontist.  

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