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Kidney Diseases

Chemistry BUN 30 Creatinine 1.5



Chemistry report states BUN 30, creatinine 1.5. What do I do?


Since you do not give your age, gender, or race, I cannot tell exactly what these results mean.  If you are a young African-American male, it is possible that these results could be normal.  If you are anybody else, it is likely you have some stage of kidney disease, most likely stage 3. 

Please see the link below to "Basic Information about the Kidneys," especially the sections called "What is chronic kidney disease, and how common is it?" and "What are the most common causes of chronic kidney disease?" 

You should also have your doctor refer you to a nephrologist (kidney specialist); and when you see them, bring copies of your recent lab tests, any x-rays or imaging studies you've had that include the kidneys, and a list of your medications.  The nephrologist will take a thorough history (including family medical history), do a physical exam, check your blood and urine, and likely order imaging tests such as an ultrasound.  After that, they can decide what is the most likely reason for your abnromal kidney tests, and can decide what further tests may be needed. 

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