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Feeling Urethra/Sling



I had a Monarc sling procedure 11 days ago. I feel fortunate that it appears to have worked and I`ve had virtually no pain or serious complications thus far. I am concerned though b/c I can feel a hard lump when I wipe myself that I suspect is my urethra. I haven`t "explored" because I was told to put nothing in my vagina for 6 weeks. Is it normal to feel the urethra "poking" out along the pelvic floor following surgery? I don`t seem to have any incontinence and I don`t feel it when I`m sitting or walking. I have also been bothered by non-smelly, neutral-colored discharge, which I suspect is fairly normal--but want to make sure it`s normal.


I am happy for you and the positive result following sling procedure. I am not familiar with what you are referring to as a lump. Urethra should not have that firm sensation nor does the normal vaginal mucosa. There are seldom inflammatory tissues which are developed due to reaction to suture materials. You need to be examined by your surgeon. Drainage of non-infected material is expected and should clear within days.

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