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Diabetes and pregnancy



For an OB dealing with a type 1 diabetic pregnancy, what sort of blood sugar average would prompt a “red flag” and threats of hospitalization to get it under control? It`s not that I`m non-compliant,and I`m not pregnant yet,but my current average is around 170 & my dr says an OB would go absolutely ballistic over that.(I am working to get it down, prior to pregnancy)


I would agree with your doctor – the goal for blood sugar control prior to getting pregnant is entirely normal blood sugars and HbA1c.  It is critical that this be achieved PRIOR to getting pregnant because one of the greatest concerns is the effect of high blood sugar on very early stages in the baby’s development of major structures.  I have seen children born with heart brain skull and spinal cord defects due to inadequate control of the mother’s blood sugar before she got pregnant – trust me, you want to do the absolute best you can to prevent such occurrences.  Its one thing to live with if it happens despite best efforts; its another thing to live with if you feel that it could have been prevented by something within your control.  Please see some of the links below.

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