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At What Age Should You Begin Lifting Weights?



How old should you be to start lifting weights? My son is 12 and I think he’s too young.


I think that weight lifting at any age should be supervised and well thought out. I would encourage your son to use his body weight for most of the movements that he would do in the weight room. For example, he could do:


  • step lunges with high repetitions (3×20)
  • body weight squats 3×20-25 repetitions
  • single leg squat 3×15
  • calf raise of the edge of a stair 3×35
  • push-ups 200 reps a day
  • sit-ups 200-300 reps a day
  • bench dips 3×12
  • chin-ups 3×12
  • pull-ups 3×12

Bicep curls would be the only free weight exercise I would look at doing: 3×12 with 15lbs.

All of the exercises I gave you will provide total body strength. Bicep curls are optional because the other upper body exercises will develop his biceps.

Hope this helps – good luck.

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