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HPV and Genital Warts



how common are genital warts and also the general hpv class? The most recent reports indicate infection up to 75% of the sexually active population. What’s the recommended protocol for sexually active hpv carriers?


HPV is the virus (human papilloma virus) that is responsible for genital warts. It has a high prevalence in the general population, but since many women and men with HPV do not have symptoms, the exact number is unknown. It is estimated that there are about 12-24 million men and women in the US with HPV. The majority of women with HPV do not demonstrate genital warts. In the majority of women, the virus is either suppressed or eradicated over time and demonstrates no symptoms. Women who are known carriers of HPV should know that they can infect other HPV negative partners and therefore should use barrier protection to prevent the transmission of the virus. Unless in a longterm committed relationship, barrier protection should be used regardless of HPV status to prevent the acquisition of other sexually transmitted infections.

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