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Kidney Diseases

Black Spots on Kidney Ultrasound



I had an Abdominal Ultrasound done yesterday. When the tech was looking at my right Kidney she tookl alot of pictures, went onto my left kidney, had me Urinate and then did more tests of my right Kidney.. she showed me the monitor as i was of course curious and there were alot of Black spots on my right kidney.. I haven`t had any pain urinating or out ofthe ordinary pain in my side or back. I am a waitress so i have the usual aches and pains... is this something i should be concerned with or worried about? i was told it could take a week ro so for them to call me back, that is a long time at this point. I am a white female, age 38 normal blood pressure, dont drink, i do smoke (though desperately wanting to quit) and will do so now after this scare....thank you


An ultrasound with dark shadows is not necessarily an indication of a cancer as even normal structures can show up on an ultrasound in this way. There is not enough information to tell you what the shadows represent and you will need to wait for official results.

I do applaud your efforts to stop smoking which you should pursue regardless of the renal findings.

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