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Pain Management

Pain Management Post L2 to L5 Laminectomy



Surgery 5 weeks ago. First 3 weeks I was in severe pain. Took vicodin, neurontin and robaxin. Then nothing, but continued to wear brace. At 4weeks I was told I didn`t need to wear it. I became easily fatigued because I wasn`t wearing it. Started physical therapy and after two sessions started to have significant low back pain, right hip pain and right thigh pain. I realized that my muscles were tightening up because I was so tense. So last night I took a 5mg vicodin at bedtime. I slept till 2pm. Dragging myself out of bed. What can I take that will not sedate me so! Robaxin made me very sleepy and did not help the pain. I was trying ignore the pain, but I realize that is counter productive. Tylenol or motrin alone does not relieve my pain. I have never taken medications for pain before and the sleepiness with the vicodin is intolerable. Help


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