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Is There A Correction For Vaginal Atrophy?



I have vaginal atrophy and I was told by health care provider that there is a topic in dermatology which dealing with that. Can you, please provide with name of this direction or with researchers or institution name. Is any reconstruction surgery available? I wold appreciate your answer.


Vaginal atrophy refers to changes in the vagina usually associated with age and the decrease in hormone support that accompanies menopause.  The skin of the vagina becomes thinner, the muscles lose their tone, and the area can become more tender and sensitive.  This can result in a feeling of dryness, difficulty with intercourse, or “dropping” of the surrounding tissues into the vagina (prolapse).

This very common occurrence does not require any surgery or referral to a special institution.  Fortunately, many of these symptoms can improve with the application of topical estrogen in the form of a cream, tablet or medicated ring.  Ask your health care provider if such a treatment may be right for you.

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