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Do I Have to Quit Soccer?



More than 2 months ago I injured my left knee while playing soccer. The doctor told me I had a grade 1 meniscus tear & a grade 1 ACL tear. During the last meeting, the doctor told me that my meniscus has almost healed, but there is still a little play in the knee so the ACL hasn’t healed. He has also advised me to wear a neoprene hinged knee braces, which I wear every time I get out of the house or go to the gym.

My question is, will I be able to play soccer again? And if yes, should I continue wearing braces even while playing? What type of braces should I use while playing soccer? Is surgery a better option for grade 1 tears? I am a 22 year active male & I really want to continue playing soccer for my club.


Thank you for your question. You didn’t mention how your knee is responding to activity or if you are having any continued symptoms. Without knowing more specifics of your case, I can try and answer some of your questions. 

Typically, if you are advised to wear a brace, it is for all activity that involves planting and cutting, which soccer would fall into that category. There are different types of braces that are available for those that have sustained an ACL injury. One is a double hinged upright brace, and there are others that are custom fit to your knee.

As to returning to sport, your physician would be a better person to that answer from since they have evaluated you and made recommendations. Surgery is typically recommended for those who have sustained an ACL tear with resultant knee instability or give way episodes. Surgery in that instance is recommended to protect the knee from further trauma. I would recommend either a follow up with your current physician to answer some of these specific questions. Good Luck!

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