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Acquired Von Willebrand



My son has an acquired Von willenbrands fro Valproic Acid. He developed antibodies. He has been off of the Valproic Acid since November 2010. He had normal lab results in December 2010. We had them checked again in January 2011 and his levels were low again. The only medication that he is taking now is Lamictal. His platelet functions have always been normal and now they are high. Everyone is puzzled and doesn`t seem to really know what`s going on. Any suggestions? Do you know anyone who specializes in Acquired Von Willenbrands?


It is not possible to comment on the specifics of your son’s case without knowing more and being able to evaluate him in person. His case certainly appears to be quite complicated. I would encourage you to have your son referred to a university hospital or tertiary care hospital that has particular experience in bleeding disorders. Your son’s physician can be helpful to find the most appropriate facility for him to be evaluated.

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