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After Gallbladder Surgery



I just had my gallbladder removed on Tuesday and sti have the same pain in the general area where my gallbladder would be. I went back to the ER for severe abdominal pain 48 hours after surgery which came up inconclusive on the ctscan with and without contrast. My abdominal pain has since significantly decreased but I still have a dull ache where the organ was, horrible acid reflux/heartburn and pain between my shoulder blades. My gallbladder was removed due to an 8 percent ejection fraction and absolutely no gallstones sludge or infection. How long will I continue to have this `phantom` pain?


Removing a gallbladder for low ejection fraction does not always solve the problem. Some will have the same pain and most surgeons will tell you this before hand. On the positive, side, it may be pain from the surgery itself and this can last up to 4 weeks but should decrease over that time.

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