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Slow Gastric Empyting/Gastroparesis



What causes intermittent gastroparesis? Can the bowels function normally with gastroparesis? Besides lack of appetite and nausea (no vomiting), what are the possible other symptoms? Can hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism contribute to this condtion? I know that Propulsid was taken off the market. Has domperidone (Motilium) been approved in the U.S. yet? What about Bethanechol? Would digestive enzymes and/or probiotics help?



50% of cases of gsatroparesis are secondary to diabetes and subsequent nerve damage. The other one half are idiopathic or unknown cause. It usually does not affect bowel function and only stomach is involved. We do not have Motilin in theĀ US and I have not used Bethanacol for it. It has too many side effects. Reglan is really only medication we use for it now. Main symptom is getting full after eating small amounts of food (early satiety) as well as nausea and sometimes mid-stomach pain. Hypothyroidism may contribute as the thyroid controls many functions of metabolism.

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