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Positive Effects of Ritalin



What are some of the positive effects of putting children on Ritalin?


There are many potential positive effects of methylphenidate (Concerta®, Ritalin®, Methylin®, Metadate®, and generics)and other ADD-related stimulants (Adderall®, Dexedrine®, Dextrostat®, Dexedrine CR®). They include: 1. Less problematic impulsive behavior 2. More attention to other people 3. Less hostile aggression 4. An increased ability to stick with reading, writing and other projects until they are completed 5. Increased self-esteem 6. More appropriate social interactions (e.g., listening well to others or sharing) 7. Task completion ability 8. Enhanced math skills These are only some of the potential positive effects for those who lack effective levels of the neurotransmitter(s) missing in persons with ADD/ADHD when they receive stimulants. There are possible negative effects as well so it is important to work with a knowledgeable clinician.

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