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Gum stuck in Throat



About two weeks ago I accidentally inhaled a piece of gum which then became lodged between my nose and throat (I believe in the nasopharynx). It is not uncomfortable, but just feels like a lump in my throat. I`ve tried coughing it out, but have been unsuccessful so far. I know you`ll probably say go see an ENT, but is there a way to dislodge the gum myself? Thank you!!!


Well, I`m sure you`re feeling quite miserable if you in fact have a piece of gum in your nasopharynx. Actually, after a week or two, if you`re unable to blow or sneeze it out through your nose, I don`t think it will come out on its own. I`d suggest seeing an ENT who should really not have much difficulty removing it, and looking around to make sure there is nothing structurally causing it to remain stuck. Eventually, if left in place, it will become infected and only cause you more problems.

Good Luck!!

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