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Is this normal vaginal discharge?



Is this Normal? I have a lot of discharge which is white, thick and a bit of small chunks. Sometimes within the discharge there`s a clear like jelly mucus ball. It does not itch or burn. There`s enough of it that I feel like I have to wear a panty liner, tampon or clean myself out just with water”I don`t use soap or anything else for that”. The discharge turns dark brown when I have my period and is kind of thick or chunky or flakey on my tampons. Also, this happens very rarely but my vagina will leak a small amount of liquid which feels like I`m peeing. It`s enough liquid to sometimes seep through my panties and wet my pants just a little bit. Also my pee is a bit cloudy, not sure if that has anything to do with it. I went to the doctor and he did a pap smear. He gave me a pill for a yeast infection which did not help so I went back for another pill and it did not help. The test results showed that I do not have BV or Trichomonsias or cancer and he didn`t see any cysts, and I`m a virgin so it shouldn`t be anything bad. I have about 8ml or maybe more of discharch daily througout my whole cycle unless I rinse myself out. If I don`t rinse myself out my vagina will smell stronger. It`s not a fishy or cheesy smell. I have always had an increase in a higher amount of discharge but it seems to get a little worse as I age. The doctor seems to think this is just normal discharge and he said some women just have alot of discharge for no reason, and if I was worried I should look stuff up on the internet. “Thanks alot doctor”. I mean I`m worried hear.

I`m 23, weight=112, Height=5″7. I eat alot of bad foods, do not get regular excercise, have been stressed for a lot of my life, I`m not on any medication or birth control, and do not have diabetes. I`m also quite sweaty down there. I wear cotton panties and change them twice a day, wear loose fitting pants, and wear no panties at night, shower daily and only use soap on the outside of the vagina.

1-4ml of discharge is supposed to be normal but I seem to have a lot more than that and I can`t find any information on brown discharge throughout your whole period. Only before and after. My cramps arn`t bad either.

Does this sound normal? Is there anything I can do to reduce the amount of discharge, brown discharge during my period and the smell if I don`t rinse? I read that taking birth control with high amounts of estrogen can help reduce discharge. Not sure if this is true. This is hard because I don`t want a boyfriend due to this problem nor would I want to have sex because it`s embarrassing.

Any answers would be much appreciated since alot my questions have been unanswered so far. Sorry for the long question but I want to be precise and let you know every detail.


Sorry for the long wait. Some parts of your question were answered at the last one that you’ve sent.

Re: Mild brown discoloration on your discharge – it can be a normal variation. Pap smear, and ruling out bacterial vaginosis and yeast should be done. If all are normal, mild brown discoloration should not be a problem.

Re: Increase vaginal discharge – you may want to check menstrual cycle phases in the internet. There are two phases – follicular and luteal. Progesterone is increased during the luteal phase (the last phase). During this stage, progesterone is increased. Cervical mucus is low in volume, thick, cloudy, low in elasticity. Discuss what you’re thinking with your primary care doctor or ob gyne.

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