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Refrigeration of Forteo



what happens to forteo if it is not refrigerated, will it harm the patient, become ineffective……if it is at room temperature for 1&1/2 hours, does thia hurt the drug?


Thank you for the question.

Representatives from Eli Lilly, the makers of Forteo, say that keeping Forteo out of the refrigerator does hurt the drug and could potentially lead to ineffectiveness. They recommend calling 1-866-4FORTEO (1-866-436-7836) with each event that a Forteo is kept outside of the recommended storage conditions of refrigeration at 2-8 degrees C (36 to 46 degrees F). When you call this number, they are able to calculate Forteo’s stability depending on the time spent outside the refrigerator and the temperature the drug was in.

When giving them the scenario of a Forteo at room temperature (74 degrees F) for 1.5 hours, Eli Lilly said that they expect minimal effect on the product and that it would still be effective. Again, this is a case by case decision, depending on the time spent outside of the refrigerator and at what temperature. Each time spent outside of the refrigerator also accumulates; so even though the Forteo maybe ok at room temperature at 1.5 hours, this may not be the case if it is the 2nd time this happened.

I hope this answer was helpful and again, the best thing to do each time Forteo is left out of the refrigerator is to call 1-866-4FORTEO.

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Submitted by Huglyn D. Balase, Pharm D Candidate, The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

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