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Can you please explain the procedure and expected outcome?


A blebectomy, or bullectomy, involves resecting (removing) a portion of lung that is non-functional (think of it like a bubble or cyst). Blebs or bullae are at risk for leak, causing pneumothorax (collapsed lung). When large, they may prevent the remaining lung from working efficiently. The indication for resection of small blebs (blebectomy) is pneumothorax. Bullectomy is indicated for larger bullae (usually occupying more than one-third of the volume of the chest on one side). The procedure should be done by a thoracic surgeon familiar with minimally-invasive lung surgery. Using small incisions (VATS = video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery) the bleb or bulla is removed. A chest tube is left in place to drain small amounts of air that leak, typically for one or two days. Most people go home in a couple days. If you are being considered for a blebectomy or bullectomy, you should be seen by a pulmonologist and/or a thoracic surgeon.

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