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Numb tongue and swollen taste buds



for 3 mos. now I have had a numbness of my tongue, almost as a chemical burning of some sort. As well I have had lots of problems with swollen taste buds. At one time I had them for approximately 3 weeks. I went to 2 doctors with no answers. Another question is could this possibly be an STD? Thank you


This sounds like it could represent a mild case of burning tongue (mouth) syndrome. Additional information about this condition will be attached to this reply. The swollen taste buds sound like transient lingual papillitis (“lie bumps”) and are probably not related to your tongue numbness. These are thought to be due to local trauma (biting the tongue) and typically resolve in 3-5 days. Having just recovered from one myself, I would agree that they are annoying.

If it seems that burning mouth syndrome is the likely problem and it continues to persist, you should seek a consultation with an oral and maxillofacial pathologist or an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for complete evaluation and treatment recommendations.

Good luck!

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