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Sore roof of mouth



I have this reoccurring problem with the roof of my mouth. The area about 1″ from the teeth in front will become extremely sore, sensitive to salt, touch, temperature, and the little ridges that are on the roof become quite pronounced. It is painful. This has been here for about 4-5 days now, and I cannot recall the length the other episodes lasted.

Can you tell me what this could be?

Thank you


What you are describing sounds like the ridges of the front of the roof of the mouth, called rugae, have been irritated in some way. The most common reason for this is due to physical or thermal irritation from food, especially hot foods or liquids that scorch the tender epithelium that covers these ridges. Very coarse food, like chips, crackers or hard-crusted bread can also scrape and irritate this area. Usually, this problem will heal itself in 5-7 days, unless it becomes re-injured. Hopefully, you can identify the likely culprit(s) and avoid or reduce your discomfort.

Good luck!

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