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Blood, phlem headaches face pain.

10/02/2008 12:07AM


Hey, im 16, and my little sister reciently got a cold and i caught it only thing is it only lasted her 2-3 days iv had it for 3 weeks now, the last few weeks its mostly taken a toll on my trout and massive headaches.

so i took a mini mirior and shinned a light down my throut and i could see white and red bumbs then my throt started feeling like it was swelling up. so i just thought “STREP”

now i have bad anxiety so i guess i over react on some stuff and it takes alot of corrage for me to go from my house to the doctors so before i think it would be something very important i would like a expert to tell me what it might be.

last two days i woke up completely not being able to breathe out of my nose, so i went and i tryed sucking back with my tounge and i took out two balls of flem and then could breathe fine for the rest of the day but i was thinking wierd flem in my nose but each time there was a ball of blood in the middle like dark dark red and then i would get massive headaches with in seconds and the left side of my face is in massive pain.

please could someone help tell me what this might be.



You most likely had a cold initially, but this has developed now into a bacterial sinus infection.  You should go to your doctor who will then give you an antibiotic, and it should clear up fine.

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