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Breast rash/discoloration




I have had a rash or discolored area on my breast since September. I called the doctor and he said to wait and if it did not clear in 2 weeks to come in. It was still there although lightly fainter and at the time he said it was a fungal rash that was clearing up. He did not prescribe ointment.

I forgot about it and it and it continued to slowly clear. In November I was concerned and called another dr. who also said that it sounded like nothing and to call if it became worse.

It is now February and it is still there although much lighter. It fades away completely in the bathtub and on some days it is not noticeable to others, the woman who did my mammogram didn`t notice it – although I told her in case it was infectious. It is still there however, and the area under the breast is the darkest. The area on top looks like small visible veins when looked at closely It does not cover the entire breast. And there is a similar area on the other breast where the two touch during the day. I have rather large breasts. I am waiting this week for the mammogram results from Monday – But am very nervous this being IBC Is there something else it could be?


This does not sound like inflammatory breast cancer. Inflammatory breast cancer presents with redness and skin thickening, and would be unlikely to come and go, or be so difficult at times to see at all. Perhaps a dermatologist could definitely make a diagnosis and help treat the areas that are of concern. Follow through with your mammogram.

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