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Hematoma of Lymph System Capillaries



My 4 year old son was recently diagnosed with a pooling of blood and lump of the lymphatic chain on his scrotal wall. He had three punctate purple/bluish spheres to the right of his scrotum. MRI of the pelvis showed 3 ball like fluid filled structures that didn`t get into the groin at all, and have no blood flow to the testes. We decided with our ped urologists that we should perform surgery. What is the likelihood that something like this may result in a complication if removed? We have been watching this since he was 9 months old, and they have grown slghtly over the past 3 years.


It sounds like these are tumor-like growths of the lymphatic and hematologic systems; although most seem to get smaller, if they grow, they should be removed. Assuming there is no involvement of the blood supply to the testicles, I would not anticipate any significant complications.

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