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Is TB Curable



Will the victim of theĀ TB come out of the disease completely?


Yes, active tuberculosis (TB) disease can be cured most of the time. But because the TB bacteria die very slowly, you have to take TB medications for many months in order to kill all of the TB bacteria. You usually take several different medications for at least 6 months.

Sometimes, the TB bacteria may be resistant to a TB medication, where some of the TB medication does not work. Then the medication will need to be changed and you may need to be treated even longer. One way to make sure drug resistance does not develop is to take the medication regularly and not miss any doses.

If you have active TB disease, you need to be started on the TB medication as soon as possible. Sometimes, if you wait too long or do not take the medication, then it may be difficult to treat. You need to remain under the close supervision of a doctor throughout your treatment.

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