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Is my blood pressure high



I am 42 6` 0″ weight 203; workout regularly 4 days week 30 minutes each time. My blood pressure is 136 over 73. Is that high. Should I be concerned.


Unless you have diabetes or kidney disease, you do not require medications to lower your blood pressure below its current level. However, you would be classified as “pre-hypertensive” meaning that you are very high (~90% over 20 years) to have your blood pressure increase to the hypertensive range (greater than 140/90) where drug therapy would be recommended.

Recommendation for someone with your blood pressure is aggressive life style changes including:

  • calorie reduction
  • elimination of salt in your diet
  • increase in fruits, vegetables, and low fat dairy products
  • moderation of alcohol intake
  • elimination of cigarettes if you smoke
  • the aerobic exercise you appear to be doing

Your height and weight place your body mass index in the overweight category. Thus, you certainly have room to reduce calories further.

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