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Hello Doctor,

My Dentist is having trouble deciding if he should give me full upper & lower Dentures, due to my age. I am 35 yrs old. He says that if the teeth come out since my bone density is poor my jawbone could diminish within 5-10 yrs. I`m worried because this has to be done within the next year due to serious bone disease and trauma. Can you please tell me if this is really can happen and is there a solution? He says most bone grafts fail? Are there any that don`t? Thank You.


Your dentist is correct that dentures cause jaw bone to be lost over time, and in a very young denture patient like yourself, that can be a long-term problem. He or she is also correct that bone grafts would not be beneficial in decreasing bone loss under dentures. However, dental implants are highly successful at maintaining and preserving the bone that you have. Most likely, that is the direction you should look into. If implant expense is too much for you in private practice, colleges of dentistry may have residents that do this treatment at reduced rates.

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