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Dosage of Armour to Take



I had been taking Armour 90mgs. for 7 years and felt wonderful on it. It was changed to Synthroid(my doctor does not believe in Armour) and I have not felt healthy since it was changed. Armour is available again and I was wondering what dosage to start with. What dosage of Armour is comparable to 125 Synthroid


A conversion of 125mcg of levothyroxine (Synthroid) is roughly equivalent to 80mg of the Armour preparation of thyroid. The conversion of one formulation to the other should be something you discuss with your prescriber. They may have a reason for keeping you on levothyroxine, or they may be willing to switch you back. He or she may want to investigate other reasons why you have not felt healthy. If they decide to switch you back to your Armour thyroid, they will most likely want to monitor your thyroid function during the transition. 

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