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Shoulder Upper Arm Pain



I fell 8 weeks ago on my left arm. After a week of pain in my shoulder & upper arm I went to the Dr. An X-ray showed a torn ligement in my shoulder. I started physical therapy a couple weeks later. About a month after the 1st injury I fell on the same arm. 3 weeks ago I had a cordisone injection into the shoulder. At this time the pain has improved but is not gone. P.T. has been stopped because of the pain it caused, and I`m doing home exercised that do not cause pain. The pain is worse with some movements, anything involving raising my arm out to side or at an angle both to the left or across my body, or putting weight on a bent elbow like leaning on a desk or chair arm when writing or typing. I also have a lot of swelling, near my neck above and below the collarbone, and an area on the side of my chest moving under my arm. How long does it usually take a torn ligament to heal and the pain and swelling to stop.


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