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Financial Assistance for High School Student



In a previous response you mentioned that federal programs stop at age 18. Are there programs to assist those under 18? I am a teacher and a young man in our school is in desperate need of orthodontic help. He is such a great young man and is trying hard to do well in life despite his circumstances. My husband and I would be willing to help him but can`t afford $5,000.00. He had an appt. 2 years ago and this is the amount that was quoted. I would be grateful for any information you can provide and outside funding. Thanks so much.


In Ohio, there is some Medicaid help for those under 18. There is also the possibility of being selected as an orthodontic patient at the College of Dentistry, which I understand is about 25% less than the fee you quoted.  However, there is always a waiting list. Most practitioners will allow for a down payment and monthly fee arrangement, which sometimes can be spread out.


 Dentistry is being effected by rising costs due to imposed requirements of OSHA, the EPA., salaries, CE costs, supplies and rent. This of course is a benefit to patient safety but does continue to raise costs.


If you need the name of an orthodontist in your area, you may contact the web site of the American Association of Orthodontists at  

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