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How Do You Go About Finding the Right Dentist



I am so afraid of going to the dentist because of past experiences: Like the time I went to a dentist and he told me that I have four cavities, and needed filling. The fillings fell out in four hours. Two years later, I went to another dentist and he told me that the x-rays my previous dentist took showed that my teeth were completely healthy, and had no cavities. Another incident is when a dentist charged me for procedures that he didn’t even do. I am upset because I don’t know how to pick a dentist. Could you recommend a way to find the right dentist? Thanks.


Unfortunately, like anything in life, there are no perfect answers. My best suggestion is to talk to friends and family. Find out if they have had good experiences with their dentists. Finding someone you can trust and you like can be tough. Referrals are probably the best way to narrow down the potential list of dentists in your area.

Good luck.

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