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Obsessive Friend



My friend is obsessed with counting calories, weighing her, & with exercise. She will wear herself out running & then proceed to a different workout. Sometimes she brings up that she does not like her body or says how much more weight she wants to lose. She`s 5`8″ and 122lbs right now &complains about her curves. She insists that nothing is wrong & that she is just being healthy. Should i be worried?


Yes. Your worry is valid. If your friend had sprained her ankle running and it swelled, how would you approach it? Would you insist she “get it checked out”? Approach these symptoms in the same way. Encourage she “get it checked out”.

There are people specialized in eating disorders who could assess her symptoms and determine if she has an eating disorder or not.

If you are unsure where to go, check The National Eating Disorder Association, who has referrals in all states, or

If you are in Central Ohio, the Eating Disorder program for older adolescents and adults is The Center for Balanced Living. Info can be found at or Nationwide Children’s Hospital if she is early adolescent.

For more information:

Go to the Eating Disorders health topic.