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CNS Tuberculoma



Sir, My wife is suffering from CNS TUBERCULOMA. ATT treatment has been started. MRI has reported 20x15x21mm size tissue in the left perintal lobe. Repeat MRI after one month has shown considerable reduction in EDEMA and about 10% reduction in tissue/clot. My question are a) Can we consider reduction in size of tissue in brain as positive sign and we can say that treatment/Dignosis is on right path. b)whether need for surgery does not arise due to reduction in size? c)whether this deises is 100% curable?


Your questions are difficult to answer with certainty without knowing more about your wife’s illness. However, improvement in the MRI is certainly a good finding. Some of the improvement, especially in edema may be due to steroids and not the ATT itself. It can take months for improvement from ATT alone. I really can’t comment on the need for surgery. There is a very good likelihood for cure with 12 months of ATT. No medication regimen is 100% effective, but you have reason to be very hopeful from what you have said.

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