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Pain with BM, After Colon Stricture Repaired



2 years ago I had a stricture dilation at the anastomoisis site after colon surgery for diverticulitis. Since the dilation I have had extreme pain after a bowel movement. A colonoscopy has not shown any problems according to my surgeon. Since he can not find a “problem” I have been stuck with this continuing pain. I have had many tests to determine the problem, with no results. My surgeon says he is a machanic and only does what he is told by other Dr. How can I get some help?


Depends on where the pain is. If it is anal pain after BM, you may have an anal fissure. If you have abdominal pain after a BM, you may have a recurrent stricture. The best way to know is to visit another surgeon, like one who specializes in diagnosis AND management of colorectal diseases, not one who simply acts as a mechanic. They need to examine your abdomen, anus, and look at your anastomosis.

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